Welcome to Eternity.

This is the starting point for our Kingspire/Feywild Campaign


Discover the Origin of the Cult of the Kingspire [Complete]
Given by: Almo, Cleric of Bahamut
Location: Winterhaven
Reward: Renown and the graces of Almo
Completion Conditions: Location the head of the cult.
Result: The head of the cult was Arkos. The party found him on this island of the Kingspire across the swamp from Kingshire. He was summoning worms from the ground who were eating cultists… ewww…

Escape the Kingspire Loop [In Progress]
Given by: Yourselves
Location: Ancient Kingspire
Reward: Freedom to live out your days
Completion Conditions: Escape the loop.

Retrieve the Rune Sword [In Progress]
Given by: The Crow King Nyrae, Lady Ariarch, Vizier
Location: Ancient Kingspire
Reward: Knowing the power struggle, probably a swift death…
Completion Conditions: Return the Rune Sword to who you see fit.

Rescue Randel’s Family [Failed]
Given by: Randel
Location: Kingshire / Winterhaven
Completion Conditions: Return at least one family member to Randal, alive.

Curse of the Kingspire